Day one as a Snagger

The first day at a new job is always nerve wracking. Even more worrisome than the first time you find out what comprises haggis, followed by finding out that people actually eat haggis. My apologies if it's your favorite snack.

After rounds of interviews, lots of articles about Snagajob and a decent bit of time on the culture blog, I felt like I had a good handle on what to expect. I'm happy to report that day one didn't disappoint. So, what were my top takeaways from day one?

? Everyone has been new once, and Snaggers are a welcoming and understanding bunch.
? When they say a Snagger Confession - that questionnaire that helps your fellow Snaggers get to know you – goes out immediately, they mean immediately. Holy bananas, I'm glad that I proofed and proofed again.
? Comfortably casual dress code is real. Get excited.
? Collaborative, accountable and passionate are not buzz words. They are the foundation of life at Snagajob. In my first day as a Snagger, I saw that each value is ingrained into the organization. Conversations about goal setting, Shout-Outs about a job well done, mixed-team seating and meetings that always came back to helping employers and job seekers find each other peppered my day.

It's welcoming to know that Snagajob really does live its values. That they are not just something Snaggers put up with on holidays or vacations, like Clark Griswold does with his family. Eight hours into being a Snagger, I felt a little easier about being a Newbie knowing that I was working with a set of people who don't need to try to live Snagajob's values. It just comes naturally.