TechCrunch crashes Snaggertown

TechCrunch made a stop in Richmond last night on their mini-tour through Virginia. Recognizing Snagajob headquarters as an "exciting space and an exciting time" John Biggs, East Coast Editor, noted that Richmond is proving itself to be an up and comer in the entrepreneurial world.

The goal of the event? To talk to as many people as possible and to hear ideas from start-ups across the region. The event played host to more than 100 attendees representing small businesses, snaggers, funding partners and even students looking to get a foot in the door. Resumes and business cards were shared around Snagajob's Town Center along with free food and drinks.

I learned that a Business Information Systems Specialist is not only a fancy title, but is actually a fascinating line of work. And I will also be working on a video on what Richmond means to me for the weekly video contest on (Weekly prizes!? Of course I'm in!).

We gave many tours of Snaggertown, our new headquarters, and for most attendees these ended with at least one trip down the slide. Most impressive were the ones that could make it down without spilling a drop from their drinks.

Did you attend? Leave your thoughts and takeaways below!