Career Growth

Nearly all of the managers at Snagajob have been promoted from within the company.
And that's a fact.

At Snagajob we're stone-cold (not to be confused with the delicious Ice creamery Cold Stone) serious about maximizing people's potential, not just for our members, but for every Snagger here. Growing so quickly requires a lot of upward movement, and that involves a lot of opportunities for promotions. In fact, we're so jazzed about promoting from within that we've got our own training program (Snagger U), plus individual development plans and career paths for every Snagger and position in the company. Here are a few stories from Snaggers about what their career journey at Snagajob has been like (so far):

HR Manager to Director of Snagger Services

“I often tell people it's funny how things have a way of working out. I was very happy at my previous company and given that I was five and a half months pregnant, I wouldn't have normally been looking for a job at the time. When my company filed bankruptcy, I quickly had to find something else, and lucky for me, Snagajob had an opening. I had heard wonderful things about the company through my family and friends and while I thought it was a long shot, I thought I'd apply. When I started in January of 2009, I was hired for the Manager of Snagger Services role and in late 2010, was promoted to Director of Snagger Services. Almost three years later, I couldn't be happier and it just goes to show, that things have a way of working out despite the difficult situation I was originally in. [My career path] shows the dedication and emphasis the company places on developing all Snaggers to their full potential and provides you with a roadmap to help you get there.”

Account Operations Specialist to SMB Sales/Operations Manager to Accounting Specialist

“Four years ago, I applied to work at Snagajob as an Account Operations Specialist. After being promoted into the Field Account Specialist position, I took on an emerging role as a Sales Support Specialist two years ago. While in the sales support role, I realized that I was much better suited for operations - a caveat of sales that I had not previously considered. I was able to fully transition to a role focused exclusively on sales and operations of our ecommerce. Most recently, I was promoted to the newly created SMB Sales and Operations Manager position, allowing me to learn more about being an entrepreneur, and bringing with it the fun challenge of learning how to grow a business.Having defined career paths and professional growth has given me the opportunity to succeed. Snagajob has driven home the importance of setting goals and achieving them, which gives me the drive to push harder each day. It allows me not to dwell on the little things that happen day to day and look at the big picture of how I am impacting our members and employers.”

Katherine has since been promoted to an Accounting Specialist position within our Finance department.