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Even though we're pretty busy making dreams come true, we still manage to sneak in a little (okay, a lot) of fun during the day. Discover all things orange and what life is really like behind the scenes at Snagajob.

Video game finalists
Snagajob’s own Major League Gamers

  “Lately, Snaggers have been showing their competitive spirit in a new way: Snagajob's new quarterly video game tournaments. So far competitors from across the company have shown their stuff in games like Super Street Fighter 4 and Super Smash Brothers Brawl, with games like Halo 4 and Mario Kart planned for the future. As it turns out, the projector and screen […]

Dan's Movember stache
Movember at Snagajob

Dan Burgess is a Snagger who participated in Snagajob’s Movember challenge. Dan reflects on Movember at Snagajob and the art of growing a mouth brow: Growing a mustache. Now, I can check it off my bucket list. Being told I look "creepy" was not on my bucket list, but it comes with having a 'stache. Dudes were very complimentary […]

Snagajob Halloween 2012

Before Halloween rolls around, new Snaggers will often ask, "Do we actually dress up for Halloween?" I always answer with an emphatic, "YES!" We get really into our holidays here at Snagajob, and Halloween is no different. Every Halloween we have a costume and departmental decorating contest, followed by a happy hour and a costume […]

Straight from the Snagger: Career growth at Snagajob

From a part-time marketing intern to an associate product manager, Snagger Amy White talks about her opportunities for career growth at Snagajob.

Snaggertown quote
Passion at Snagajob makes emails en fuego

Passion permeates throughout Snagajob and injects itself into everything we do. For example, this latest email is a daily stats report from Scott Hicks, our Director of Business Intelligence: “So I got some flack yesterday about not being more enthusiastic with my commentary, so I'm going with a SportsCenter theme today.. – Thursday Traffic, its en fuego […]

Spanning the globe: Office Olympics

Some workplaces do rope courses and trust falls. Every year Snaggers look forward to Snagajob's Office Olympics, where Snaggers across different departments form teams, wave the flag of a country of their choosing (the United States is off limits) and go all out as we participate in competitive frivolity during the lunch hour. The games […]