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  1. Peter Harrison, Chief Executive Officer
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  2. Jonathan Lochhaas, Chief Technology Officer
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  3. Keith Haas, Chief Financial Officer
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  4. Jim Monroe, Senior Vice President of Operations
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  5. Viyas Sundaram, Senior Vice President of Sales
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  6. Jason Hamilton, Vice President of Product
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  7. Christian Campagnuolo, Head of Marketing
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  8. Our Board of Directors
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meet our leaders

Servant Leadership

Servant leadership is the philosophy and practice of leadership where leaders focus on the well-being of their colleagues and the personal development of those they lead. At Snagajob leaders take a backseat, or at least ride shotgun next to everyone else, working hard for their teams as servant-leaders. With community standards such as our “open door” policy (our leaders don’t have offices), a desire to promote from within and a multitude of accessible communication channels, we believe we’ve created a level playing field.


Live the dream! We’re looking for new Snaggers devoted to maximizing potential and living fulfilled lives. Let us know if that’s you.

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