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LocationJacksonville, FL 32208
Highest Degree OfferedNon-degree granting
Average Cost for Books and Supplies$2,450
Average Cost for Off-Campus Housing$2,000

Commercial Diving Academy exists for the purpose of providing the commercial diving industry with entry level and post graduate personnel who excel in knowledge and skills- safety- and work ethics. The training is comprehensive- rigorous- and designed with individual student career objectives- abilities and interests in mind.The gateway to commercial diving is in the heart of the South-the Atlantic Ocean and the St. Johns River. The Academy is strategically situated on the Atlantic and serves as a major training center for Florida- Alabama- the Gulf Coast region- and the southeastern United States.The faculty consists of educators with years of experiences ranging from offshore diving in the oilfields of the South China Sea- Indian Ocean- North Sea and Gulf of Thailand to rivers and lakes around the world. Small classes allow for individualization in an environment that fosters intellectual exchange and practical- hands-on instruction.In assuming its role in the development of professional divers/tenders- the Academy is keenly aware of its responsibility in promoting an unyielding commitment to the highest standards of safety and offering the most up-to-date methods and practices in the field. To this end- the Academy is committed to continuing to develop and maintain strong partnerships with businesses in the region and making use of state-of-the-art technology and training resources with the industry.

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