Chipotle Mexican Grill Employment Opportunities


One of the many reasons why Chipotle is unlike other fast food companies is the fact that nearly all of our leaders are promoted from our crew.

Many restaurant companies hire "professional" managers to run their restaurants and almost never look to their crews for new leaders. But last year at Chipotle, 97% of out general managers were promoted from our crews and because our company is growing, there's plenty of opportunity.

Countless people who came simply looking for a job now find themselves leading dozens or even thousands of people while enjoying a career that is totally fulfilling, fin and financially rewarding beyond anything they thought possible. It's pretty simple: if you work hard, you'll get noticed and before you know it, you'll be on a roll.

When Steve Elis started Chipotle back in 1993, he only intended to open one restaurant -- not a chain of more than 1,200. Because of that, he broke all of the rules and Chipotle became a new kind of fast food restaurant. In fact, we do just about everything differently and it starts with the people we hire to work in our restaurants.

We've learned that experience in our other fast food restaurants isn't of much value at Chipotle. That's because we really cook food at Chipotle. And that's just the beginning of what we do differently. Our Crew members learn what they need to do on the job and in turn, they become the future leaders of our company. Its on-the-job training like you have never had before.

Chipotle is full of employees who have achieved more than they ever thought possible. Sahul's story is one of many examples who started as crew and now oversees multiple restaurants.