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#12thDelivers: making pizzas on the busiest day of the year

On football’s biggest day, a Domino’s in Lacey, Wa., about an hour away from Seattle, was getting geared up to make and deliver pizzas to Hawks fan tuning in for the Big Game. Snagajob got in on the action, heading to the other side of the country to get a firsthand look at what goes down on one of the busiest pizza days of the year. The result: the mini-doc “#12Delivers: Domino’s Big Game Delivery,” recently featured on USAToday’s sports page.

Click here to watch “12thDelivers” and discover for yourself all the excitement of the big day.

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Imani is a content specialist at Snagajob. When she’s not writing content for employers to read, she can be found catching up with pop culture, updating her blog or channeling her inner rock star at karaoke.


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