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Are you ready for Hire Minds 2013?

This year marks Snagajob’s fourth year hosting the Hire Minds Hourly Hiring Summit, which gives enthusiastic members of the hourly hiring industry the chance to share expertise on attracting, hiring and retaining the best employees.

Held April 21-23 at the Lansdowne Resort in Leesburg, Va., this year’s Hire Minds will be headlined by keynote presenters Chester Elton, bestselling author of “The Carrot Principle” and “All In,” and Jay Goltz, an author, entrepreneur and New York Times “You’re the Boss” blogger.

More than 20 thought leaders from brands such as Starbucks, Chipotle and Build-A-Bear will be covering topics including:

- The benefits of promoting from within
- How to best manage high-volume recruiting for the summer
- Optimizing technology within the hiring process
- And more. . .

Hire Mind’s mix of keynote speakers, break-out sessions, and built-in networking time is designed to help attendees relax, refresh and recharge. There’s still some time to sign up, but limited spots remain for this in-demand hourly hiring summit.

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Imani is a content specialist at Snagajob. When she’s not writing content for employers to read, she can be found catching up with pop culture, updating her blog or channeling her inner rock star at karaoke.

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