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Chipotle Staffs For Growth With ReadyHiredownload PDF

The Challenge

Chipotle Mexican Grill is one of the fastest-growing, fast casual restaurants in the country. But exponential growth brings with it the challenge of needing to hire a large number of employees quickly without sacrificing quality.

In the past, Chipotle initiated grassroots recruiting tactics to reach a large number of job seekers: getting into the community, visiting local workforce centers and colleges, and posting signs in the restaurants to let job seekers know they were hosting job fairs or recruiting events. But these time-intensive efforts often didn’t yield the intended results.

“Chipotle had trouble getting those who signed up for their hiring events to show up for the interviews,” according to Dave McKlveen, staffing manager at Chipotle.

Chipotle needed a partner who could meet their high-volume, and often urgent, hiring needs with an approach that would deliver a large number of qualified candidates without a significant internal time investment.

The solution

Snagajob’s ReadyHire solution was the perfect fit for Chipotle’s needs.

As a long-time Snagajob customer, Chipotle had experienced continual success using Snagajob Talent Sourcing to recruit and hire top-notch employees for their recurring hourly job openings. Snagajob’s ReadyHire solution brought that same hourly sourcing expertise but in a bundled approach that helped Chipotle recruit and interview a high volume of hourly candidates at a single event.

Snagajob worked closely with Chipotle to understand their needs and get a picture of the type of candidates who would fit Chipotle’s open team member and management positions. This early collaboration ensured that Snagajob was able to attract, source and schedule the best possible candidates.

Based on Chipotle’s needs, Snagajob’s ReadyHire team built a strategic plan that included building event awareness, applicant recruitment, scheduling and follow up, with Chipotle handling specific event logistics, such as event date, time and location.

“One of the things we gained from doing these events with Snagajob was the ‘hands-off’ approach [for Chipotle],” said JD Cummings, national recruiting consultant for Chipotle. “For us, it was a one-stop-shop.”

The results

Snagajob and Chipotle completed 15 ReadyHire events together in 2012, in their fastest growing markets over about five months. Chipotle managers were able to interview 3,226 candidates for open positions, 892 of whom were moved to the second interview.

“We’ve seen a huge increase in the number of applicants coming in, a substantial increase in the show rate and a vast improvement in candidate quality with Snagajob,” McKlveen said. “Our managers are very excited because we’re moving a larger number of people on to that second interview from the Snagajob events.”

ReadyHire events have helped Chipotle managers set aside a single day to interview qualified candidates in a growing market rather than handle the hiring process piecemeal, which previously took managers away from restaurant operation. By utilizing the ReadyHire approach, Chipotle managers can now hire for growth without impacting the success of existing restaurants.

“These events through Snagajob are going to be a great way for us to continue to see that large number of people and weed out those that may not be a good fit for us,” McKlveen said. “We’re looking forward to doing many more of these in the future.”