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Concord Hospitality (RMH Franchise Corporation®)

The 40+ locations that made up Concord Hospitality’s Applebee’s division have a new home. RMH Franchise Corporation® acquired the locations in late December 2012.

Video Transcript:

Frank Romano, Director of Human Resources, Concord Hospitality, Inc.

I’m Frank Romano. I’m the Director of Human Resources for Concord Hospitality, Inc. We are an Applebee’s, Famous Dave’s, Village Inn and Holiday Inn franchise, and we operate in nine states.

The tool itself – Snagajob and Hiring Manager – is a wonderful tool that provides the results we need.

They’re bringing more candidates in the front door and then they’re sourcing them and assessing them for us so we’re getting a better candidate on the bottom end of that. As a result, we’ve found that our ability to promote people from within to management has definitely been on the rise.

Ted Carlson, Director of Operations, Concord Hospitality, Inc.

Snagajob has changed our hiring process greatly. From my standpoint—I oversee the operations of seven restaurants—it allows me the opportunity to view all seven restaurants and how their procedures are with the hiring process. It allows me better follow up so that I can make sure that we are moving the applicant flow.

It’s a tool I can go to and I can say, “Hey, from what I see on Snagajob, you have applicants and you’ve had applicants sitting there for quite some time and you haven’t done anything with them.”

Ryan Pilkington, General Manager, Applebee’s

The online application is wonderful. I can’t really say enough about it. It’s helped me from an organizational standpoint. The dashboard feature keeps everything organized. We know exactly when the applications come in and what status there is.

I actually have the application on my phone so I can look at it anytime. I can see when new applicants come in. For example, right now we’re really looking for line cooks, so when the first application pops in I can get it almost instantaneously and set up interviews quicker.

If someone asked me if they should use Snagajob, I would tell them, “Immediately, get on it.” It’s definitely something that helps us in this industry. As things evolve and change, it makes our jobs and our lives easier.