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Concord Hospitality (RMH Franchise Corporation®) automates hiring, dominates time savingsdownload PDF

Concord Hospitality owns and manages Applebee’s, Famous Dave’s and Village Inns in nine states

The 40+ locations that made up Concord Hospitality’s Applebee’s division have a new home. RMH Franchise Corporation® acquired the locations in late December 2012.

Below is a letter from Frank Romano, Executive Director of Human Resources for Concord Hospitality, addressed to Snagajob Account Executive Jessica Clay:

Dear Jessica,

Since implementing Snagajob in 2008, we have seen a dramatic improvement in the quality of hires we’ve made. Concord’s managers don’t have to spend time with applicants who aren’t a good fit for our business. The major difference between Snagajob and its competitors in the software space is that Snagajob brings applicants to us through your job posting service. Other software systems would simply assess the walk-in traffic that comes into our locations. For us, the people who were walking into our locations were hit and miss in respect to high quality – leaving us with very little to choose from. In the last year, 36% of the people we hired through Snagajob’s Talent Management System came from job postings on the Snagajob.com website. If we didn’t have Snagajob’s job posting service, those applicants would have never known about our employment opportunities.

The system has been very easy for my managers to use and a great tool. They have varying degrees of expertise when it comes to hiring. Before Snagajob, many hiring decisions were based heavily on an applicant’s availability. The Snagajob assessment makes it much easier for my managers to prioritize who to call in for an interview. Now they are able to see who has the characteristics to be successful on the job and not waste time with applicants who do not meet our criteria. The managers really like the fact that they have a roster of pre-screened applicants at their fingertips at all times.

In 2012 we launched Snagajob’s onboarding platform, which automates 75% of our new hire paperwork. Because our new hires are completing their onboarding paperwork before their first day, our restaurant managers spend 50% less time on the orientation process. After setting up an integration between Decision Logic (our data management tool) and Snagajob’s Hiring Manager platform, we have seen vast improvements in our efficiencies. Anytime an employee is hired from Snagajob, he/she is sent over to Decision Logic and pre-loaded into our HRIS system. In addition, the onboarding documents are being exported to our payroll system (Great Plains) so that we have all the information readily available via saved PDF documents for review at anytime. This entire process used to take us 60 minutes to add the employee in two systems and now it is completely automated. Over the course of the year we expect to save 2,000 hours of time on data entry alone. By removing the manual steps we’re helping all of our managers have a more seamless and speedy hiring experience, allowing them to spend more time with our customers.

The Snagajob Talent Management System easily pays for itself. I recommend it to anyone who operates Casual Dining or Quick Service Restaurants – especially to streamline efficiencies in the hiring process and get better talent in the door. The Snagajob team has been very accommodating with us; your group is extremely responsive when we have questions or need troubleshooting. We thank you and the team for flying out to Nebraska during various implementations to coach our group on using the system. Even though the system is extremely user friendly, that made a big difference in our managers’ adoption of the system. We value our relationship with Snagajob and look forward to many more years to come!


Frank Romano

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