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Dairy Queen Franchisee Saves Thousandsdownload PDF

Lickety Split’s results using Snagajob Hiring Manager and Onboarding + e-Verify.

The challenge

Michael Clarke was about to open a new Dairy Queen (DQ) in Euless, TX, and he needed to staff his restaurant quickly. Using free channels, such as Craigslist, had gotten him applications, but because so few job seekers were qualified, Clarke felt like his and his managers’ time was being wasted.

Clarke wanted to not only recruit more qualified applicants, but he also wanted a way to streamline the entire hiring process to make it more efficient and have more time to focus on his restaurant.

The solution

Clarke reached out to American Dairy Queen (ADQ) for a recommendation of a partner who could help him improve his hiring process and found that Snagajob has a long history of helping DQ franchisees revamp their approach to hourly hiring.

The franchisee implemented Snagajob’s talent management system, Hiring Manager, and immediately began to see the difference the right partner can make.

Posting jobs on Snagajob.com opened the door to a new crop of local jobs seekers for the franchisee’s open positions, and the online application process included a behavioral assessment that helped Clarke and his managers quickly identify which applicants were the most qualified.

“The quality of staff I was able to hire was remarkable,” said Clarke. “I attribute that to the Snagajob process. The assessment rates applicants on various performance measures and makes it easier for managers to vet applicants and only focus on the best.”

The franchisee completed his paperless hiring process using Snagajob Onboarding + E-Verify. New hires were able to complete the majority of their new hire paperwork online before
their first day of work, the franchisee was able to confirm employees’ identities using the government’s E-Verify system with one click, and all completed paperwork was stored online.

“I don’t have stacks of paper lying around my restaurant,” Clarke said. “Snagajob sped up the new hire paperwork process, reduced data entry, and ensured all forms were complete and accurate.”

The results

Clarke asked that new hires complete paperwork online using the Snagajob system before coming to orientation. He estimated that not having to complete paperwork onsite saved two hours of orientation time, which, by his calculations, saved thousands.

“I had over 80 employees at orientation,” said Clarke. “All new employees had already completed their paperwork (I-9s, W4s, Employee Handbook acknowledgement, banking information, emergency contact, etc.) prior to orientation. As a result, we saved well over $1,000 in wages that we would have otherwise had to spend for orientation wages. With those savings alone, Snagajob more than paid for itself.”

Hiring better employees had an immediate and direct benefit for the franchisee. Clarke’s DQ franchise now holds the record for the highest volume day ever for any DQ, a record set on his opening day and broken twice again during the first week.

Clarke attributes his success to his strong team. “My ADQ Business Consultants remarked that they felt like I had a seasoned team working together, but in reality, they’d only been working together for a few days. That’s a quality team, and I continue to credit Snagajob for their help throughout the entire hiring process.”