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Domino’s franchise gains more control over their hiring process with hiring managerdownload PDF

The challenge

Brew City Pizza, a Domino’s franchise located in Wauwatosa, Wis., relied on paper applications and walk-ins to find new hires for its 13 locations. And the different organizational styles of each store would often lead to confusion and inconsistency.

The franchise also needed an easier way to measure how many applications each location was receiving, especially in cases where locations were short staffed. “At any given time, any one or more store is certainly understaffed,” said John Theisen, owner of Brew City. “I wanted to see how our managers were assessing applicants.”

Brew City Pizza needed a new way to organize applications and get the most out of their hiring process.

The solution

The Domino’s franchise discovered that Snagajob could provide them with the tools they needed to gain more control over their hiring process. With Hiring Manager, stacks of paper and missing information were replaced with an online system that kept everything safe and secure in one place.

The Snagajob partnership helped managers tap into a talent pool of millions of job seekers, and it gave them an online destination to point walk-in applicants to, helping managers keep track of applications. Applicants were then put through behavioral assessments and skills tests, making it easier to identify qualified candidates. Each store’s results were posted on an online dashboard where the franchisee could log in and check out each location’s progress.

“It’s much easier for them [managers] to look at the screen to determine whether or not they would want to call someone in for an interview,” said Theisen.

Managers could also use Hiring Manger to find potential employees who may be eligible for tax credits and other federal hiring incentives.

The results

In less than a year, the Domino’s franchise experienced significant time savings across the board. Managers were able to focus less on interviewing unqualified candidates and more on store operations and customer service. “At the stores where we do the bulk of our hiring, we’ve saved enough time to pay for the whole program,” Theisen said.

And thanks to new employees who were eligible for tax credits, Brew City Pizza had even more savings; the franchise received about $8,000 in tax credits in their first year.

“[Hiring Manager] cuts 100 pieces of paper to 75 names on a screen and then to 10 people that we want to call,” said Theisen. “It’s much easier to identify the people who are likely to work out.”