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Dunkin’ Donuts Franchise Uses Snagajob ReadyHiredownload PDF

The challenge

CoffeeActionWest, a two-location Dunkin’ Donuts franchise that has plans to open 24 other locations, was preparing to open their first location in Cedar Park, Texas. Finding quality applicants to fill management positions was one of the first steps they needed to take in building a workforce from scratch.

At the recommendation of local business owners in the area, the franchise started their recruiting efforts by posting available positions on Craigslist. They received a high volume of applications, but instead of the quality managers and shift leaders they were hoping for, the franchise saw mixed results. The search for right-fit applicants was becoming increasingly difficult and time consuming.

“The quality of applicants was all over the board,” explained Clay Lawson, director of operations at CoffeeActionWest. “I had to sit and filter through applications, trying to determine if people were qualified.”

The franchise was in need of a solution that would help them fill management positions as quickly as possible while they prepared for the new location’s opening.

The solution

Snagajob’s ReadyHire product was the answer.

Other Dunkin’ franchises had partnered with Snagajob before and had hosted ReadyHire events to staff new locations. CoffeeActionWest decided to take a cue from its peers and use Snagajob’s hourly hiring expertise to recruit for a management hiring event. “If we found one qualified person, it would be well worth the partnership,” Lawson said.

Snagajob’s ReadyHire team posted the franchise’s open positions on Snagajob.com and recruited applicants to apply directly into the Dunkin’ Brands’ applicant tracking system. The ReadyHire team then went into the system, handpicked the most qualified applicants and scheduled a day full of interviews. For added support, a ReadyHire team member attended the hiring event to handle on-site logistics and keep the day moving smoothly. In the end, the ReadyHire team presented Lawson with the caliber of candidates he had been searching for.

“The constant follow up [of the ReadyHire team] and their management of the event was a huge help,” Lawson said. “The ReadyHire process took a lot of work off of us so we could get into the meat of the program and make our hiring decisions.”

The results

Lawson needed to hire two general managers and five shift leaders for his location. After meeting with 32 candidates in one day, offers were extended and accepted for the two general manager and three of the shift leader positions.

“We were able to hire almost our entire management team in one day,” Lawson said. “Snagajob got the people in front of us that we wanted.”

Snagajob’s ReadyHire product helped the franchise begin staffing their new location with confidence, so much so that the franchise is hosting another ReadyHire event to find crew members before opening their doors to the public.

“Working with ReadyHire becomes more and more important as we open more and more stores,” said Lawson. “I’m feeling really good about the next event.”