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Liepman Restaurants (Dairy Queen®)download PDF

Meet our client

Visitors to any of Liepman Restaurants Inc.’s 21 Dairy Queen® locations throughout Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Louisiana will notice that the company provides an urbane dining experience that belies its largely rural nature.

The challenge:

Liepman’s managers were hiring mostly walk-in applicants without interviewing and despite any concerns about their quality. Turnover was high and the flow of applications was low, owing to many of the restaurants being in out-of-the-way locations. Yet the way the background checks were being handled, and the many hours it took to sort the paperwork, it was taking about a day to make a hire. The need was so great they didn’t have a day to waste.

How we helped:

As part of Snagajob Talent Sourcing, candidates are assessed for attitude and skill level related to the job requirements. The system is designed to generate a consistent applicant flow and reduce time-to-fill by clearly identifying the most desirable candidates.

The Results

Liepman has been able to offer a completely new Dairy Queen experience. Managers are pleased it only takes about two hours to hire and hires tend to be more capable and better suited than previous ones, owing to their computer proficiency and Snagajob’s ability to identify who will stay longer and contribute more value.