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Snagajob onboarding helps Little Caesars franchise revamp the new hire paperwork processdownload PDF

The challenge

CML Pizza, Inc., a 17-location Little Caesars franchise with locations throughout Central Virginia, needed a better way to complete new hire paperwork.

The franchise had tried different approaches, but hadn’t found the right solution. Having location managers manually complete new hire paperwork resulted in each manager taking a different approach and overall compliance suffering. But moving the process to the corporate level took up valuable orientation time.

CML needed a way to shift the new hire paperwork process back to the location level but ensure that the franchise would remain compliant with government regulations.

The solution

CML implemented Snagajob Onboarding, a paperless approach to new hire paperwork.

Snagajob Onboarding lets employees review and complete federal documents, such as the Form I-9 and W-4, as well as state tax withholding and internal forms online. The product prefills employee information from his/her application to cut data entry and walks managers through document requirements to simplify the process and reduce the chance for errors. And with one click, the product integrates seamlessly with the government’s E-Verify system, which helps businesses determine employees’ eligibility to work in the United States.

“I don’t even worry about the hiring process anymore,” said Anne Mellichampe, chief operating officer for CML. “Having the ability to instantly confirm identities with E-Verify puts us ahead of the curve and gives us one less thing to worry about.”

The online process not only reduces errors and helps ensure compliance, it also gives everyone – from location manager to franchise owner – access to any records instantly.

“The Snagajob Onboarding process has made my job easier,” said Brian Fortner, regional director for CML. “It [new hire paperwork] is now stored in one location and is no longer in a filing cabinet, paper copy, stuck in the back of our office.”

The results

Using Snagajob Onboarding, CML was able to transition the new hire paperwork process back to location managers while safeguarding franchise compliance and creating a better experience for managers and new hires. The orientation time previously spent on paperwork is now focused on training to build a more productive workforce.

“We’ve been able to progress our orientation process into more of a food safety training class because we have to spend less time on paperwork,” said Daniel Rogers, marketing and administration director for CML.

And the peace of mind of knowing that employee paperwork is complete, compliant and consistent has become something CML counts on every day.

As Mellichampe said, “I describe it as an addiction. I don’t think we can work without it anymore.”