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Regional Grocery Chaindownload PDF

The challenge

To increase hiring efficiency, a regional grocery chain with more than 200 locations transitioned from a paper-based application process to an online process, but the stores still weren’t seeing high enough applicant flow to satisfy the need for part-time staff members.

Looking for a vendor to drive more – and better quality – applicants to open positions, the regional grocery chain began looking at partners that could deliver job seekers looking for the types of jobs they had to offer. But the company’s director of recruiting didn’t want to tie the chain to a job site with a strictly grocery focus.

He said, “Skill sets are more important than grocery-specific experience, and a lot of other retail verticals have similar skill sets as the ones needed for our positions. We needed a partner focused on the hourly space as a whole.”

The solution

The regional grocery chain implemented Snagajob Talent Sourcing across all locations and immediately began seeing increased applicant flow. And for the past five years, Snagajob has remained one of the chain’s best sources for hourly applicants.

In Q3 and Q4 2011 alone, Snagajob provided more than 3.6 million impressions and 122,000 applications for the chain’s 20,000 job postings, an average of six applications per posting.

The company’s director of recruiting attributes the impressive applicant flow to Snagajob’s strong brand recognition among hourly workers. “Snagajob is well branded in the hourly market. Hourly job seekers know who Snagajob is and that helps attract job seekers.”

An Extra Boost

Snagajob’s brand awareness among hourly job seekers delivered strong applicant flow. But to gain even more attention from top hourly talent, the regional grocery chain worked with Snagajob to execute employment marketing campaigns to drive additional applicant flow. Snagajob issued email marketing campaigns targeted to more than 150,000 job seekers living within a five-to-10 mile radius of an open position (the distance Snagajob has found job seekers are willing to travel to work) and the results were impressive.

Measuring applicant flow four days prior to an email campaign and four days after, the regional grocery chain saw a 93 percent increase in impressions for the open position promoted through the campaign, demonstrating the power that employment marketing can have to increase applicant flow and build brand awareness.