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Sam’s Mart Hires High Volumes with Ready Hiredownload PDF

The challenge

Greg Tate, general manager of convenience stores for Sam’s Mart, had been using a consulting firm to recruit candidates for open positions. But when his group reacquired and took over management of 30 locations in Georgia – and he needed to hire employees to staff each location – the old approach wasn’t working.

“It was challenging because the candidates would apply, but we’d have to do all the leg work to get the candidates in for the interview on the back end,” said Tate. “It wasn’t efficient for us.”

Sam’s Mart needed a way to continue to recruit applicants but not get bogged down in the logistical steps that accompany high-volume hiring.

The solution

Tate turned to colleagues for recommendations and found the answer in his car wash division.

“The manager said that Snagajob had really come through for him and had proven to be a successful recruiting tool time and again,” Tate explained.

Tate worked with Snagajob’s ReadyHire team to build new job descriptions and the team quickly got to work recruiting applicants for his open positions. The ReadyHire team reviewed applicants, identified the most qualified and scheduled a day full of interviews.

On ReadyHire event days, Tate and his team of interviewers just had to arrive at the location, follow the interview schedule and make hiring decisions.

“Snagajob even sent a representative to help with day-of event logistics,” said Tate. “The event went perfectly. No issues. No problems.”

The results

Tate’s ReadyHire events were big successes.

The first event had a goal of hiring 10 managers and 10 assistant managers. By the end of the day, Sam’s Mart had found 10 general managers, 12 assistant managers and two sales associates.

The second event was set up to hire 60 crew members. The two-day event resulted in 104 hires.

“The ReadyHire approach got us the candidates we needed and took a lot of work off our plates so we could focus on making great hires,” Tate said. “We’ll absolutely be using ReadyHire to staff our other locations.”