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The challenge

Set and Service Resources (SASR) helps national retailers and manufacturers recruit and hire quality temporary employees. Having a full database of candidates to choose from is critical to meeting SASR’s clients’ needs.

The staffing agency was looking for a cost-effective way to build their pipeline of candidates and increase the size of their database.

Snagajob’s built-in community of millions of job seekers was just what SASR needed.

The solution

Snagajob worked with SASR to build an approach that would automatically pull open jobs from SASR’s website and post them on Snagajob.com, opening the door to an entirely new audience of job seekers that the agency might not otherwise have been able to reach.

The applicants quickly began rolling in, and as job seekers applied to SASR’s positions, they created profiles within the agency’s system, exponentially increasing the talent pool the agency could choose from now and in the future.

In 2012, 38 percent of the profiles created in the SASR system came from Snagajob, representing more than 19,000 new candidates in the database.

“Snagajob hands down answered the challenge of building our database,” said Cathy Plumb, director of recruiting and social media for SASR. “The more people we have coming into the database the more opportunities we have to make hires for our clients.”

While Plumb was focused on increasing candidate volume, quality also played a part in defining success, and Snagajob candidates proved to be top-notch. Nineteen percent of hires made in 2012 came from Snagajob, a percentage only surpassed by internal referrals.

The results

Snagajob helped SASR not only increase their database volume, but also build a qualified candidate base. And, according to Plumb, the partnership delivered a third success:

“Many of Snagajob’s younger job seekers are just at the beginning of their job search,” Plumb said. “Even if they don’t fit for one of our clients’ jobs now, they might fit a need at some point and they will come to recognize SASR as a reliable source of temporary work. It’s a branding win for us too.”