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University Dairy Queen, Inc.

Dairy Queen® franchise University Dairy Queen Inc. has been using Snagajob successfully for over two years.

After opening a new location in Salem, Virginia, staffed entirely with Snagajob hires, some remarkable things happened.

This is their story…

Video Transcript:

Rick Witt, Owner, University Dairy Queen: We opened this store with 60 employees hired through Snagajob on day one. The only people we didn’t hire from Snagajob were senior management.

This was the first time we’ve used this hiring method for applicant search and screening. We went by the old formula of hiring a lot more staff than needed. I guess we did too good of a job in hiring, because we get to the opening and we had way too many employees. The old formula was: 25 percent of them wouldn’t show up after the initial training, another 25 percent turned out to be not good enough and you’d hopefully be left with the correct amount of staff. We were left with 90 percent of everyone we hired through Snagajob.

It was a fellow franchisee who was a Snagajob user and they shared the information with me. It was like, “Wow, this is incredible!” So once I saw that they could do it I knew we could do it.

I would say we probably have more than 50 percent of our current staff from the original hiring pool. The time that my managers save in recruiting and sifting through the applicants, they love it and I know that our staff seems to show it. Our retention shows it, we hire them and seem to be able to keep them longer.

I know that we have never been at a lack of applicants. Anytime we were in need of help, there was always a good applicant pool from Snagajob that we were able to choose from.

Your time as a franchisee, as an operator, as a manager is valuable. You want to be able to get the most information about your applicants that you can, in the shortest amount of time. Snagajob has helped us to do that. And then it’s just trying to glean through the applications, especially for people that have no work background, and tell for a first job, “Is this the right candidate to interview and to hire?” So just being able to get beyond that, to have more information, I think not only gives us a leg up but it gives the applicant a leg up too.