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Wendy’s Franchise Conquers New Hire Paperworkdownload PDF

The challenge

Wen-Star, Inc., a 15-location Wendy’s franchise operating in Louisiana, Georgia, Florida and Alabama, needed a more efficient way to handle their new hire paperwork.

The paper trail created during the new hire process was burdensome and managers’ organizational styles varied by location, which led to missing files and an inefficient auditing process.

“The biggest challenge was ensuring all documents were completed fully and tracking that information,” said Wayne Roberts, owner of the Wendy’s franchise.

Wen-Star was in need of a better way to keep their new hire paperwork organized while staying compliant with government regulations.

The solution

Onboarding + E-Verify helped the franchise go paperless and streamline their new hire process.

Snagajob’s onboarding product automates the new hire process, making it simple to review and complete essential documents online. The onboarding tool integrates directly with the government’s E-Verify system, so Wen-Star’s managers can confirm an employee’s identity in seconds without leaving the Snagajob system and can remain compliant in states where screening is mandatory.

Onboarding + E-Verify securely stores records in one place so files can be saved and accessed instantly. No more having to dig through messy file cabinets in a back office.

“Our end-goal was being able to call up a report in seconds with correct data,” said Roberts. “The system let us do about 15 hours of work in five minutes.”

The results

Since implementing Onboarding + E-Verify into their hiring process, Wen-Star has processed more than 200 E-Verify cases without any hassle. The product is also a huge help to the franchise’s head of operations, who no longer has to complete I-9 audits on location; all compliance related activities are now available in one consolidated report online.

“Completing compliance paperwork electronically is more effective and can save the manager’s time,” Roberts said.

Wen-Star relies on Snagajob for their recruiting needs and was pleased with their decision to sign up for the Onboarding + E-Verify solution as well.

“Onboarding + E-Verify has provided my business with the confidence in knowing documents were completed correctly, plus it was easy to implement and a time saver,” said Roberts. “Snagajob really delivered what they promised.”