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Veterans bring a lot to the table

The Washington Post published an article last month highlighting how many war veterans are becoming franchise owners when their tour of duty is over. The article argues that the rule-based system in the franchise world is attractive to veterans and mimics the rule-based systems they were accustomed to in the military. The article points out…


Their career path helps you business grow

It’s time for part three of our four-part series on the top categories – or personalities – of hourly job seekers. Over the last two months we’ve brought you insights into what makes retirees and part timers tick, and why you should want to hire them. This month we’re digging in to career hourly workers…

man asleep on desk

Hiring hundreds doesn’t have to be exhausting

It stands to reason: the bigger your business, the more employees you will need to hire to meet customer demand and keep your business profitable (and growing). Some may think that the bigger you are and the more recognizable (and safe) your brand, the easier it is for you to hire. Yes, brand recognition is…


Retailers shouldn’t discount people (their importance, that is)

Retailers discount the importance of having only nice and helpful people working for them about as often as they discount prices on their products. Most of the time, and especially during the busy season, retailers are so strapped for help that most anyone with the right availability will do. According to studies, employees determine 90…

Hotel Desk

Hotel managers will love you for this

We all have our stories about hotel stays gone wrong. Broken TVs, stuck thermostats, painfully slow room service, some stranger’s balled up sock under the bed, militaristic lifeguards (my latest story), etc. And what do we do? We complain to the manager on duty. Hotel guests never meet or even see most of the people…


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