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Getting comfortable with social media


So you’ve finally decided to take the plunge into social media – good for you! Welcome to a world filled with fast-paced connections and opportunities to showcase what your business and brand is all about. But with so many different channels and ways to communicate, where exactly is the best place to start? Before you…
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Zero-tolerance of an unsafe workplace


Whenever you think about the safety of your workplace, you probably have all the bases covered: fire drills, cleanliness, security. But what about your employees and how safe they feel when they come in to work? Do they ever feel discriminated against or made uncomfortable by co-workers’ comments? If the answer to this question is…
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What to say after saying goodbye


We’ve gone over what to consider before firing someone and the steps you should take during the termination process, but what about communicating with the rest of your team? Letting someone go can affect more than the person leaving, from individual employees to overall group dynamics. It also opens the door to a conversation you…
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Hire Minds recap: Engaging with Millennials


This year’s Hire Minds Summit was jam packed with outstanding breakout sessions and speakers. We heard from big and small businesses with hiring managers facing similar challenges. Following this year’s Summit, we’ll be sharing the greatest insights from each session on our Hourly Insight blog for employers. Here’s a recap of the enlightening sessions, “Engaging with…
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Cheering on your hourly grad


Bust out the caps and gowns – it’s graduation season! High schoolers and college students are gearing up to get their diplomas and like many other hourly businesses, you probably have a few of these grads contributing on your workforce.  If you haven’t considered something already, there are plenty of ways to show off how…
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Creating your own Culture Squad


Culture is a word that gets thrown around a lot when discussing ways to energize your workplace and engage employees. But where does one start when they want to create a culture unique to their brand and the people who make it possible? In the Snagajob office, there is a committee of employees devoted to…
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What we’re reading


Every day, articles around the hourly and hiring industry are released. Here are just a few that our staff is reading at Snagajob that we’d like to recommend you check out too. Domino’s adds Google Wallet Domino’s continues to blaze the trail in mobile by integrating with Google Wallet for their Android smartphone app. Google…
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Taking the time to check in


We don’t have to tell you how important interviews are. It’s one of the first steps you take when trying to fill a position and sometimes the very last thing you do when an employee is leaving. But have you ever considered interviewing as a tool to help you retain your star employees or check…
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Taking new managers in the right direction


The opportunity to give one of your star employees a promotion is definitely one of the perks of being an employer. Additional responsibilities and the trust of their peer are welcomed by those ready to accept larger roles in the workplace. However, this transition shouldn’t be thrust upon a new manager without the proper training…
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Lessons learned from loyalty programs


There are many benefits to having a customer loyalty program, one of the biggest being retention of existing customers. Offering deals and rewards to your best buyers can create trust and loyalty that will keep those customers coming back for more. But that doesn’t have to stop with your customers, take a look at these…
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