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Attn. Small Businesses: Spring Hiring Special!

While many states are still awaiting the great thaw and shoe stores haven’t even started stocking flip-flops, it’s nonetheless time to start planning for spring hiring. Maybe you need to man the front lines of your ice cream shop with all-star scoopers. Or perhaps your boardwalk amusement park needs some barkers for the dart toss….

Celebrate Small Business Day: Over 90% Savings!

Who doesn’t love a surprise party, especially when your name is on the cake? On Thursday, Jan. 27, SnagAJob.com is holding a surprise party for all small and medium-size businesses (SMB). There won’t be cake, ice cream or any fancy mylar balloons, but there will be ridiculous savings – ridiculous as in good. For just…

Looking for a few good guest writers

Want to know one of the best upshots of the blog revolution? People with something important to say have a digital soapbox that doesn’t require 13 hours, a research assistant and more footnotes than the Warren Commission Report. Experts can now double as information gatekeepers with a WordPress log-in and 15 spare minutes after lunch….

Site Maintenance

Tech Update: Site Maintenance Saturday, August 14th 3AM – 7 AM UPDATE: Site maintenance is complete! It didn’t take as long as we expected — thanks for waiting! What are we doing? Our team will be making changes to SnagAJob.com in order to improve overall site reliability and performance. This is the last phase of…

No Cost Job Postings

Everything we do here at SnagAJob.com centers around delivering a better experience for our users and that means job seekers and hiring managers alike. I spend a good part of my day thinking about what we can do to make hiring qualified hourly employees easier, especially for small businesses. Today we released a new product…


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