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Make your summer job posting pop!

Now’s the time to gear up for summer hiring and maybe you have one or a dozen positions you’re looking to fill. How do you make your summer position the most attractive in the sea of job postings? We asked over 3,000 of our 50 million registered job seekers what is the most important to…


The 2014 Summer Hiring Survey has arrived!

The sun is shining and flowers are in bloom, marking the beginning of spring. But here at Snagajob, we’re already thinking about the summer hiring landscape and what it means for employers searching for the best seasonal employees. For our 2014 Summer Hiring Survey, we received responses from over 250 employers from the retail, hospitality…


Spring Cleaning Your Hiring Process

Can you feel it? Spring is in the air. Ok, well if you’re like most of the country right now, then perhaps it doesn’t exactly feel like spring. Regardless, it’s the perfect time to purge and refresh. So grab the kids and hand them the brooms and mops, because you’re not going to be doing…

QSR employees

The great things about older job seekers

Hourly employees are usually thought of as teens or young adults but studies have shown that the face of the industry is changing. Looking at restaurants, a report from TDn2k, showed that a quarter of employees hired in 2013 were about 28 years old for QSR’s and about 30 years old for fast-casual (PRWEB). The…


Find your experience equilibrium

Experience plays a huge role in any hiring decision. However, it can be difficult to decide how much experience is really needed for your position. Since applicants with and without previous training can both bring unique characteristics to the workplace, we compared older and younger applicants on five critical traits to help you decide which…


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