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Three tips for kicking off summer hiring

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For some of you, snow may still be on the ground, but you’ve got the summer season on your mind…and not just for the obvious reasons. For hourly employers, summer is one of the busiest times of the year for your business: consumers are shopping more, eating out more, taking more vacations and overall, really […]

Customer service skills: 9 basics every worker needs

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Work history, personality, availability – all things to consider when hiring potential employees. But what matters most for your business? When you’re finding your “A” team, take into account what will translate into benefits for your customers as well. While the customer may not always be right, they do keep your business going. And one, […]

Going mobile: Hiring for the future generation of workers

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From computers to tablets to mobile devices, our access to information never ends. Not only do we want constant access to information, but we have come to expect it. And this is especially true for millennials. One could argue that the younger generation, many of whom make up your workforce, aren’t even interested in “going […]

How to quickly hire seasonal workers

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The holiday hiring season is upon us and you may be starting to think about how to hire a lot of employees in a short amount of time, so that you’re ready for the holiday consumer rush. Our annual holiday hiring survey told us that the majority of employers hope to have their holiday staff […]

Ask Snagajob – Asking candidates about their “reliable” transportation


“Ask Snagajob” gives employers the opportunity to get real answers to their recruiting and hiring questions. New “Ask Snagajob” posts will be shared every week on The Hourly Insight. “What questions can I ask about transportation?  I have a lot of employees who have to rush out to make the last bus whether the job is done or […]

More interview questions you need to ask


So you’ve posted your job and have found some applicants you could possibly hire. The next step is the interview process: the chance to meet the person behind the application and identify the right-fit candidate for your open position. Naturally, the most important part of the interview process are the questions you ask your candidate. […]

Ask Snagajob: Having employees recruit on social media


“Ask Snagajob” gives employers the opportunity to get real answers to their recruiting and hiring questions. New “Ask Snagajob” posts will be shared every week on The Hourly Insight. Q: How do I ask my employees to promote working at our location on their social media channels. – Thomas Z.  A: During the recruiting process, social media can […]

Hire Millennials with a cause in mind


People are constantly trying to figure out how Millennials make decisions regarding purchase habits, eating habits and more. When it comes to knowing how this generation determines which job is a good fit for them, that’s something folks, especially employers, wish they had a grasp on. By 2020, 80 percent of the hourly workforce will […]

Employee quitting? No problem with these tips.


There’s nothing better than a happy employee, eager to contribute to the success of your business. On the other hand, an employee who’s ready to quit can be an employer’s worst nightmare. An unexpected exit can leave you scrambling to fill a position or looking to other employees to cover the remaining workload. But alas, […]

Putting your application form to work for you


The job application form is one of the most important tools available for use in the hiring process and yet many companies are still stuck on the same old standardized application form for every new job they post. Thanks to the advent of affordable new software technology like customizable online forms and applicant tracking systems, […]

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