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Take a cue from the president – explore different channels

two ferns

Early Tuesday morning, the popular web series “Between Two Ferns” with Zach Galifianakis released a new episode with special guest President Barack Obama. Hosted on the site Funny or Die, the clip allowed the president to exchange dry humor with Galifainakis while sharing information about The next day, the government website reported a 40…
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The right attitude about minimum wage


As of January 1, 21 states had a minimum wage above the federal rate of $7.25 per hour (NCSL). Whether your state has already decided to increase their wage or it’s coming in the future, there are ways to prepare for the impacts it can bring to your business.   Understand competition Stay aware of…
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Fast casual is experiencing higher traffic. Are you ready?


When it comes to growth within the restaurant industry, there’s no stopping  fast casual. For the fifth year in a row, fast-casual restaurants experienced higher traffic than all other related industry segments, increasing by eight percent compared to the previous year. The numbers don’t lie: more and more customers are turning to  fast casual for…
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Emergency plans: the calm in the storm


There’s a lot we can learn from the Polar Vortex. Sure you should be investing in a sturdy pair of snow boots, but as an employer, you should also have an emergency plan in place to handle anything that comes your way while keeping you and your team safe. A good plan should consist of…
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A lovely Valentine’s message from Snagajob…


When it comes to Valentine’s Day at Snagajob, we consider ourselves a cupid of sorts; after all, we do help bring employers together with the job seekers they’re looking for. In the spirit of  this special day, check out this special Valentine message from Snaggers around the office.      

Homepage poll results: hourly tenure

Elderly worker

Do you know how long your new hires plan to stay? We asked our job seekers how long they plan to stay at their next job and the results were overwhelming. Our homepage poll received over 1,200 responses; more than half of our respondents were between the ages of 16 and 24. Despite a younger…
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Outsmart the Polar Vortex with these engagement tips


Remember the Polar Vortex? Of course you do: the unleashing of winter throughout various parts of the country that resulted in severely cold temperatures and way too much snow. While Snagajob didn’t experience the same onslaught our neighbors up north did, we still found ourselves wondering about the best ways to keep employees warm and…
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5 ways to pump up your training

Fast Food Restaurant Employee

The start of a new year inspires people to stop and examine their lives. Maybe it’s time to start eating more salads. Maybe it’s time to start gardening and get some more fresh air. Or, maybe it’s time to review the training program for new employees joining your workforce. The old saying goes, “if it…
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Shake up your hiring process with tips from Elvis


Today would have been Elvis Presley’s 79th birthday if he were still alive today. There are plenty of ways to remember the King on his special day: you could jam out to a playlist of his many number one hits or have marathon of all the films he made in his heyday. Or you could…
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Guest blog: How to break the communication gap with veteran employees


Having military experience gives service members some of the most unique training in the world. They learn the important of leadership and teamwork, they gain an appreciation for discipline and they develop skills that many civilians might not even be aware of. Although these aspects were developed through the service, they can still be applied…
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