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Wings. Beer. Sports. Heaven?

The employees at Snagajob, also known as Snaggers, are passionate, fun and more than willing to share their experiences. So we invited a few Snaggers to contribute to The Hourly Insight. Today’s guest blogger is Logan Tinder, a franchise account executive who was excited to let us know the details about attending his first trade…


Three tips for hiring for your franchise location

Imagine trying to run a successful business without a point of sale system. Would you just guess an item’s SKU number if you didn’t know it? What about all those sale prices? How would you know which items were discounted and by how much? Talk about a nightmare of inaccuracies. It’s probably safe to say…


Hot summer hiring tips

After surveying 250 employers for our latest Summer Hiring Report, we collected enough data to provide job seekers with some great tips for finding work this season and help employers find the best applicants for their summer workforce. Remember these fast facts we learned from our survey that will help you make the most of…


Taking the time to check in

We don’t have to tell you how important interviews are. It’s one of the first steps you take when trying to fill a position and sometimes the very last thing you do when an employee is leaving. But have you ever considered interviewing as a tool to help you retain your star employees or check…


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