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No Cost Job Postings

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Everything we do here at SnagAJob.com centers around delivering a better experience for our users and that means job seekers and hiring managers alike. I spend a good part of my day thinking about what we can do to make hiring qualified hourly employees easier, especially for small businesses.

Today we released a new product offering on our site hiring.snagajob.com – the No Cost Job Posting plan. That’s just a fancy way of saying free.

We wanted to deliver an offering to small business owners that affords them (pun intended) the opportunity to advertise their job openings with a limited, yet serviceable posting. But it is not about free job advertising. We are certainly not the first website to think of that.

So what makes our offering different? It goes back to that user experience bit I mentioned earlier. We don’t want to just send applicants we want to send quality applicants! I’m talking applicants that have the potential to stay and grow and be an all-star hourly employee. That is why even with our No Cost Job Posting plan all of our users will have the option of selecting up to four screening questions.

We still offer our traditional unlimited Month to Month Job Posting plan as well. Users can upgrade their account at anytime and will instantly have access to more screening, account management, performance reporting and more. My personal favorite upgrade feature is access to Katherine. Katherine is our SMB Customer Service Representative and she rocks! We love Katherine just as much as we do our users.

Happy recruiting!

Mike Ward is the managing editor for Snagajob. When he's not writing and editing content to support America's hourly workers and employers, he reviews movies, roots for losing sports teams and hangs out with his family and friends in the River City.