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The curse of low turnover

Businesses dominated by hourly employees are often plagued with high turnover rates, sometimes well above 100 percent. With such high turnover, it makes sense that these businesses should put a lot of stock in their recruitment strategies. After all, they’re almost always recruiting. But if a business doesn’t have industry-typical high turnover rates, does that…


Are you relying on replacement refs?

Welcome back Hochuli! After weeks of the replacement referee situation – some may say debacle – an agreement has been reached between the NFL and the NFL Referees Association that will bring the regular referees back to the field. Can we get a “hurray”? This is not a blog post bashing the replacement refs for…


Must-reads from Mel: a good handoff, investing in managers and a ban on email

Odds are that you don’t have the time you’d like to read all the blogs, articles or books that offer insight into the hourly hiring industry. So Snagajob asked our friend, Mel Kleiman – CSP, president of Humetrics, and a strategist for hiring and retaining the best hourly employees – to give us a rundown…


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