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square peg round hole

Fit: the best defense against hard cost increases

The cat’s out of the bag. Hard costs are going up. The cost of commodities essential to the hourly space – cotton, food and beverages, metals, etc. – have risen, and while gas prices may be low today, there’s no telling what the future bring. With their upward trend, it’s no surprise that hard costs…


Put this on your SHRM to-do list

The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) Annual Conference begins this Sunday in Atlanta, Ga. Every year, the conference is packed with HR tips, recruiting tricks and swanky cocktails. It’s also a forum to talk about everything in the HR space. But workplace culture always bubbles to the top. Names like Google, Zappos and Pixar…

Democrat vs. Republican on white

Donkey or elephant? The answer could impact hourly hiring

It’s election year. And unless you’ve been vacationing in the Arctic, you’ve already heard a lot of talk about unemployment and the approach each candidate has to get more Americans working. Jobs and the economy aren’t new topics of debate, but unemployment is higher than it has been going into any election since World War…

fast casual

Why hiring for fast casual is different

A friend of mine just came back from a trip to Austin. Home of SXSW, live music and a thriving indie scene. But what did she come back raving about? Fast casual dining. As a mother of two young kids, she couldn’t get enough of Austin’s booming fast casual dining scene. From Italian to Indian,…


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