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Money doesn’t buy employee engagement

Companies in hourly workforce-intensive industries like retail and foodservice tend to have a knee-jerk response to high turnover: it is what it is. Raising hourly rates competes with keeping prices low, which is a major draw for customers. Throwing money at employees is not going to buy you customer love. There is a way, without raising…


Is your onboarding process lost?

Remember the days of calling the person or business you were planning to visit, asking for directions, writing them down and grabbing that piece of paper along with your keys as you headed out the door? Looking back – as your smart phone tells you to turn left in 100 feet – doesn’t it seem…


Snagajob’s Solution for Franchise Businesses Takes the Spotlight

On this guided tour of Snagajob’s hassle-free hiring system for franchise businesses with one to several locations, you’ll discover a faster, easier way to find better hourly employees. We’ll show you how managing everything from one simple hub will save you time and money – and the hassles typically associated with hourly hiring. http://www.youtube.com/embed/33EV5jFxVtM?rel=0…


Do you need to step away from the 20lb jar of mayonnaise?

Buying peanut butter, toilet paper and coffee in bulk is an efficient, cost-effective way to stock up on necessities. That mentality applied to buying job postings might not save much, if any, time or money. Most job boards offer posting packages that allow you to purchase individual job postings in bulk. If you estimate you’ll…

crowded mall

Hire Black Friday style

You either love it or you hate it. Some people wait all year for the every man for himself, take no prisoners pandemonium that is Black Friday. Others avoid it like the plague and sit safely at home waiting for Cyber Monday. In all the hype leading up to Black Friday, shopping professionals were full…


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