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new hire information

Are you ready to implement the new I-9?

It’s critical that you get new hire paperwork right – the first time. Not only does it ensure that you have the correct information for your employees on file and that payroll is set up properly, but it also helps you avoid thousands in potential fines in the case of a government audit. Hourly employers,…

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If you promote from within, why aren’t you promoting that?

Every quarter, Snagajob surveys our employers to get insight into a pressing question or hot hourly trend. This quarter, we asked our employers about their promotion and retention strategies and we stumbled upon an interesting situation. Nearly 80 percent of employers told us that they have a policy in place to promote from within. When…

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The quickest way to repel job seekers

If you don’t want job seekers to apply to your open positions, make sure you craft vague job descriptions. Job descriptions are one of the first pieces of information a job seeker will receive about your brand and your open positions, so if you drone on about things that don’t matter, don’t provide enough information…

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High-volume hiring doesn’t have to break the bank

The longer it takes to find qualified candidates to fill your open positions, the more expensive it ultimately becomes to fill those positions. Continued cost to advertise your opportunities and manager time spent reviewing applications adds up quickly. It’s for this reason that having the right recruiting strategy in place to fill your year-round hiring…

QSRweb.com: The workforce structure debate of 2013: part time vs. full time

As 2012 draws to a close and we begin looking toward 2013, there’s one theme already bubbling to the surface: limited-service restaurants (LSR) will be evaluating their workforce structures next year. Every healthy business looks at their staffing approach from time to time, but with a myriad of outside forces at play in 2013, restaurant…


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