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Job interview tips

3 top interview questions for hiring hourly employees

Hiring new employees can be a time-intensive, frustrating process. You’ve heard the statistics: One bad hourly hire can cost a business up to $7,000, according to The U.S. Labor Department. Hourly employee turnover rates can run more than 110 percent in many industries. Here’s how to change those numbers. Ask these three key questions during…

12th birthday

Happy birthday Snagajob!

Twelve years ago today, Snagagjob.com officially went live and we began helping hourly employers find top talent to build stronger workforces and job seekers find the right-fit job. It’s traditional to receive gifts from others for your birthday. But this year, instead of getting, we thought we’ve give. So here they are, 12 insider tips…


Must reads from Mel: Google tips, 5+1 for business and culture that flies high

Odds are that you don’t have the time you’d like to read all the blogs, articles or books that offer insight into the hourly hiring industry. So Snagajob asked our friend, Mel Kleiman – CSP, president of Humetrics, and a strategist for hiring and retaining the best hourly employees – to give us a rundown…


What does 35 million mean to you?

Yes, Apple sold 35 million iPhones last quarter. Yes, 35 million people are playing Draw Something. Yes, it’s the number of pennies you’d need to produce an average 30-second national TV commercial. But what does all this mean for you? Probably nothing. But, 35 million is now the number of registered hourly job seekers on…


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