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Five questions to assess your sourcing strategy

At the close of a year, we like look back and think: what could I have done better? It’s this reflection that fuels our resolutions for the coming year. If you’re hoping to build a better front-line workforce in 2013, the best place to begin your annual reflection is your sourcing strategy. We might sound…


The workforce structure debate of 2013: part time vs. full time

As 2012 draws to a close and we begin looking toward 2013, there’s one theme already bubbling to the surface: businesses will be evaluating their workforce structures next year. Every healthy business looks at their staffing approach from time to time, but with regulation changes, minimum wage increases and modest economic recovery at play in…

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The post-holiday home health boom

Busy schedules often keep friends and families from seeing as much of each other as they may like. But at the holidays, we set aside time to catch up. Holiday visits can be the highlight of a person’s year, but they can also unveil some unexpected and sometimes unwelcome realities: that their loved one may…


What being on the ‘Great Place to Work’ list does for you

Snagajob was recently named one of the best companies to work for in America on the Great Place to Work® annual ranking published by FORTUNE magazine. We experienced significant growth in 2012, so we moved up to the medium category this year and we’re proud to say that we ranked 12th on the list of…

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The curse of low turnover

Businesses dominated by hourly employees are often plagued with high turnover rates, sometimes well above 100 percent. With such high turnover, it makes sense that these businesses should put a lot of stock in their recruitment strategies. After all, they’re almost always recruiting. But if a business doesn’t have industry-typical high turnover rates, does that…


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