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Hire Minds Denver kicks off Thursday

Hire Minds Denver,  the first ever regional Hire Minds workshop, kicks off this Thursday, July 24. We are thrilled to be traveling to Denver to meet up with over 30 hourly hiring managers to share challenges and best practices around the hourly hiring industry. We’re most excited about the diversity of the attendees joining us. There…


The Hourly Gig 2014: Strike a chord with your employees

This week, Snagajob was beyond pumped to kick off the third annual Hourly Gig contest, which gives aspiring musicians the chance to show off their musical chops on a national stage. Submissions have already begun to roll in as hourly workers and job seekers send in videos of their solo acts, bands and more. The…


Using Corporate Branding to Attract Top Talent

Establishing a strong brand for your business has never been more important than in today’s über connected world. LinkedIn’s survey of 18,000 employees worldwide showed that the majority of employees view an employer’s brand as the most important factor when choosing a new employer. Fortunately for small to mid-sized businesses, it’s never been cheaper to…


Leaving the box behind

This Monday, Washington D.C. joined a short list of cities and states that have joined the Ban the Box movement. For those not familiar, Ban the Box is an initiative to remove the question/box on an application that inquires about an applicant’s criminal record. For some employers, an honest answer about past transgressions can send…


World Cup Lesson: Be the Tim Howard of Managers

Sadly, as of last Tuesday the U.S.  is out of the World Cup. However, we didn’t go down without a fight — much in thanks to goalie superstar and record breaker, Tim Howard. In a 120 minute game against Belgium, Howard tallied an incredible 16 saves.  His efficiency and protectiveness  make us realize that Tim…


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