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Hire Minds Denver- what’s it all about?

Maybe you aren’t familiar with Hire Minds or you don’t understand what all the excitement is about when it comes to heading to Denver. Well, here’s a little Q&A to catch you up and get you signed up so you don’t miss out! What is Hire Minds Denver? Hire Minds Denver is an all day…


Carolina Restaurant Group announces new partnership with Snagajob

Snagajob is pleased to announce a partnership with Carolina Restaurant Group that will provide Snagajob’s recruiting, hiring management, and onboarding services to 67 restaurant locations in North Carolina and South Carolina. “We are excited that Snagajob will help streamline our hiring process from beginning to end,” said Elaine Carter, director of human resources at CRG….


Getting comfortable with social media

So you’ve finally decided to take the plunge into social media – good for you! Welcome to a world filled with fast-paced connections and opportunities to showcase what your business and brand is all about. But with so many different channels and ways to communicate, where exactly is the best place to start? Before you…


Zero-tolerance of an unsafe workplace

Whenever you think about the safety of your workplace, you probably have all the bases covered: fire drills, cleanliness, security. But what about your employees and how safe they feel when they come in to work? Do they ever feel discriminated against or made uncomfortable by co-workers’ comments? If the answer to this question is…


Updates with Anne: One star ratings and more employees per page

Snagajob is always looking for ways to make our products better and your hiring process easier. So every other week,  Anne Winston, Snagajob’s Associate Product Operations Manager, will be sharing the latest product updates with The Hourly Insights’ readers to provide a closer look at the newest changes.  This week we have exciting updates to…


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