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Talent sourcing gut check

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You can’t hire great people if they don’t apply. It’s for this reason that you have to take the right approach to sourcing potential applicants. The good news is there are a slew of sourcing methods available. The bad news is they won’t all deliver top talent suitable for your hourly jobs. Let’s take a…
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The employee screening environment is rapidly evolving, making it hard for businesses to keep up. That’s just one reason why businesses are either outsourcing background checks to a partner or are not conducting screenings at all. Read more.

The elephant in the hiring room


Few phrases evoke such perfect imagery as “the elephant in the room.” What could better represent something in a room that you can’t help but notice than a six-ton-plus animal? How could you not talk about something like that? There is an elephant in the hourly hiring room that nobody likes to talk about. But…
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How to hire better home care workers faster


Baby boomers are aging – and for companies in the home healthcare industry, business is booming. According to the federal government, six million of the 40 million Americans older than 65 now need some form of daily assistance to live outside a nursing home. That number, government officials say, is expected to double to 12…
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Avoid the missing schedule mark


It’s a common proverb in sports: to miss by an inch is to miss by a mile. If you’re aiming at a target – be it a hole, hoop, net or line – not hitting that target is a miss, even if you miss it just barely. The same holds true when it comes to…
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Training made easy


You’d be hard pressed to find an employer who thinks training is pointless. In fact, you can probably list five compelling reasons that training is crucial to your business in 30 seconds. Let’s try. It increases employee productivity. It helps reduce mistakes, accidents and injuries on the job. It keeps employees engaged by encouraging career…
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Similar individuality: the franchise hiring goal


One of the largest challenges that franchisees face after signing the franchise agreement is staffing up their locations and training new employees. Human resource professionals for multi-unit franchises are in a unique juxtaposition when it comes to hiring. You want to hire employees who are engaging and unique to provide memorable customer service. But you…
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2012 Resolutions with resolve

2012 hands

It’s estimated that 50 percent of adults set them every year. Lose weight. Stop smoking. Get out of debt. Learn something new. Find a better job. The top New Year’s resolutions don’t change much from year to year. That’s because they are noble goals that many of us share. Psychologists tell us that we set…
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HR lessons from Scrooge

Santa takes a break

We’re back for round two of HR lessons from holiday movies. Last week we discussed how Bad Santa reinforced the importance of background checks, A Christmas Story proved the value of training and Rudolph demonstrated that ignoring behavioral characteristics could cost you a star employee. We wrap up the series with three more holiday classics…
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Their golden years can be your company’s most productive and profitable


Last month we introduced you to the four categories – or personalities – of hourly job seekers that we uncovered after analyzing our database of more than 30 million registered Snagajob members. Understanding each group’s motivations will help you craft better job descriptions, market job benefits that will resonate with each group and ultimately find…
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