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Santa takes a break

HR lessons from Scrooge

We’re back for round two of HR lessons from holiday movies. Last week we discussed how Bad Santa reinforced the importance of background checks, A Christmas Story proved the value of training and Rudolph demonstrated that ignoring behavioral characteristics could cost you a star employee. We wrap up the series with three more holiday classics…


Their golden years can be your company’s most productive and profitable

Last month we introduced you to the four categories – or personalities – of hourly job seekers that we uncovered after analyzing our database of more than 30 million registered Snagajob members. Understanding each group’s motivations will help you craft better job descriptions, market job benefits that will resonate with each group and ultimately find…

santa movie

HR lessons from Rudolph

‘Tis the season for holiday movies, and as they start to air on television, an interesting theme has bubbled up. Most holiday movies teach us lessons about the importance of family, traditions or things we should remember during the holiday season. But they also teach important HR lessons as well. In the spirit of the…


Announcing Snagajob Onboarding upgrades

Now in addition to ensuring compliance on W4s and state forms, and instantly verifying I-9s through the federal E-Verify program, Snagajob Onboarding features significant software enhancements, including: •      Improved work flow: Saves time by decreasing needed training and support •      New dashboard: Improves convenience by centralizing access to key features •      Updated look and feel:…

chicken and egg

We help them, which helps you

Try to figure out which came first – the chicken or the egg – until you’re blue in the face, but the short of it is that it doesn’t really matter which came first, because they each depend on each other. We serve two communities at Snagajob that are far from mutually exclusive. Job seekers…


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