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We’ve been back from SHRM 2011 for about a week, and hopefully by now, you’ve all caught up on sleep, hydration and whether or not to hit on 14. We thank the 1,073 of you who stopped by the Snagajob booth, played our ridiculous hourly worker-themed games and test-drove our products, including mobile Hiring Manager….

Kelley’s Market Builds Retention

The Kelley’s Market “How Clean, How Good, How Fast” award-winning ad campaign emphasizes the family-owned convenience store chain’s remarkable ability to provide a spotless, sophisticated and speedy food and gas shopping experience.  And also it’s a satisfying experience for people on both sides of the counter: Snagajob helps Kelley’s Market find qualified employees who also personify the company…

TECHSPERTISE: Nick Jester on Onboarding

Don’t let his last name fool you.  Nick Jester is serious about saving job seekers from making errors or omissions on their tax forms and about saving employers from having to pay fees in the range of $100 to $1,000 per non-compliant form. Don’t let his last name fool you.  Nick Jester is serious about…


Old-school new media had people doing online what they used to do on the schoolyard when someone talked behind their back.  That is, calling the person out, refuting it, but in type and for the world to see. Besides remaining an interesting oxymoron, old-school new media otherwise has evolved to the point that taking the…

Snagajob – The Dream Begins with the Right Job

When people find jobs they love, their lives get better. And when employers find the right people—and the right tools to manage them—their workplace performs better, too. Watch this video to learn about our philosophy on the hourly workplace, and why we’ve dedicated our lives to making it better. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZhEY6HXg214  …


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