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Popular retailers plan on hiring thousands for the holiday season

Remember when we reported that holiday hiring would mean an increase in jobs? Various stores and businesses are already searching for new hires to prepare for the busiest season of the year and in a big way. For example, major retailer Macy’s recently announced plans to hire 83,000 people to join its seasonal workforce. The popular e-commerce site Amazon has set similar goals and intends to bring on 70,000 full-time employees in time for the holiday rush.

These are just a couple of stores that are making adjustments to their workforce for the holiday rush, contributing to the promising outlook for the seasonal employment (Check out this article for a list of more retailers). According to our annual report, the peak for holiday hiring will be in October, when 31 percent of employers will be begin their hiring. Amazon and Macy’s have already started searching for their holiday hires – what about you?

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Imani is a content specialist at Snagajob. When she’s not writing content for employers to read, she can be found catching up with pop culture, updating her blog or channeling her inner rock star at karaoke.

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