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QSRweb.com: High-volume hiring questions asked and answered

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When building a new product, companies can either do the majority of their research before testing the product with customers or they can test as they go, building a product in a constant state of discovery. Snagajob took the latter approach as we built ReadyHire, a solution that helps employers hire a large number of employees in a short period of time.

Our discovery process not only helped shaped the ReadyHire solution to meet employers’ needs, but it also answered some key high-volume hiring questions: what’s different about high-volume hiring, what are the pros and cons of different approaches, and what best practices can help ensure success?

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Courtney Moyer is a content producer at Snagajob. When she’s not creating content for employers, she can be found painting anything that stands still, pretending she’s the next Food Network Star, or spending QT with her husband and Abraham Lincoln – the dog, not the president.