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Snagajob survey digs into mobile’s role in the job search

In today’s mobile-saturated marketplace, we have apps for everything from traffic monitors and trip planners, to fantasy football trackers and calorie counters.

Mobile apps have also made their way into the job search space, but are job seekers using these apps? We asked our growing member base about their mobile device usage in relation to their job search and more than 5,300 hourly job seekers gave us a look inside their mobile habits.

What did we learn? First, hourly job seekers are not only online, they are also mobile. By and large, job seekers on Snagajob.com have mobile devices. Second, while using mobile devices in the job search hasn’t caught on in masses yet, those that do utilize mobile options consider their devices important in their search and would like to do more on mobile.

Summary findings include:

General mobile device usage

  • 60 percent have mobile Internet devices, and 93 percent have a desktop/laptop computer.
  • Text messaging was the No. 1 function performed on mobile devices, followed by phone, camera, email and social media.
  • 15 percent currently own a tablet/reader, and the iPad led the pack in brand ownership.
  • Respondents with only a phone and a computer used their computers for Internet access 57 percent of the time. Those with a phone, computer and a tablet split their Internet usage among the devices 31 percent, 44 percent and 25 percent, respectively.

Mobile device use in the job search

  • 25 percent of mobile device owners use that device in their job search.
  • 68 percent consider their mobile device an important job search tool.
  • The most common job search activities performed on mobile devices include:
    • Getting directions (68 percent)
    • Taking notes (62 percent)
    • Receiving job-search related emails (46 percent)
    • Scheduling appointments/interviews (37 percent)
  • The least common job search activities performed on mobile devices include:
    • Completing applications at employer websites (14 percent)
    • Completing employer assessments (14 percent)
    • Completing applications at job search websites (17 percent)
    • Setting up an account/profile at an employer website (18 percent)
  • 52 percent save jobs on their mobile device and apply later using a desktop.
  • 56 percent wish they could accomplish everything on their mobile device.

These findings suggest that the hourly job seeker is online and is mobile savvy. As mobile job search apps increase in sophistication, it’s likely that we will see more hourly job seekers using these apps as critical components in their job search. Until then, Facebook, Twitter and Pandora will continue to reign supreme.

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Courtney Moyer is a content producer at Snagajob. When she’s not creating content for employers, she can be found painting anything that stands still, pretending she’s the next Food Network Star, or spending QT with her husband and Abraham Lincoln – the dog, not the president.


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