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Try to visualize what 30M of something looks like. It’s a huge number and one with a growth and success milestone significance attached to it for businesses. Thirty million looks like the number of self-professed fanatical “Angry Birds” players who downloaded it onto their Androids 30M times by March of this year. This is the…

TECHSPERTISE: Chip Trout on Snagajob Mobile

Chip Trout doesn’t fish, incidentally, but as Snagajob’s manager of visual design, he has helped to develop a new product that changes the way employers fill hourly positions.  It’s called Snagajob Mobile, and in principle it’s like the unobtrusive, reliable and trusted Alfred to Batman hiring managers – on hand to support their heroic efforts…

Surprise! (It’s Small Business Week)

We hope someone brought you a cupcake with a candle, a mylar balloon with a happy face or at least dropped an extra Sacagawea dollar in your tip jar. After all… it’s Small Business Week! It’s your week, whether you realized it or not. We’ve been working on your present for months, and no, it’s…


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