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Part I: How your restaurant can go from having hiring envy to causing it

Restaurants across the country, quick-service and otherwise, are getting on board with Snagajob daily. Often we hear them say they’d really like to be able to hire people away from [insert name of restaurant with a reputation for having great employees here]. Restaurants that always seem to have great employees get noticed by other restaurants….

crowded mall

Hire Black Friday style

You either love it or you hate it. Some people wait all year for the every man for himself, take no prisoners pandemonium that is Black Friday. Others avoid it like the plague and sit safely at home waiting for Cyber Monday. In all the hype leading up to Black Friday, shopping professionals were full…


In an economy suffering with a nine percent unemployment rate, one would think that employers would have to look that far to find talent. But according to a survey done by the ManpowerGroup, U.S. employers and found that 52 percent of U.S. employers say they have difficulty filling positions because of talent shortages. Many argue…


If you’re counted among the 40 percent of hiring managers who aren’t assessing candidates for attitude and skill level related to the job requirements, it’s almost certain you’re not finding out exactly how and how much you’re being penalized when you make poor-fit hires. Let’s just say if you did know, you’d be invested in…


Turnover. It’s is a common blight on the reputation and earnings of countless businesses with an hourly workforce, so naturally we’ve sliced and diced the topic to shed some light on how to avoid it. But when I learned my beloved travel website TripAdvisor was under fire for knowingly playing host to fake reviews, it…


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