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angry boss

Guest expert: 3 ways to be a terrible boss

If you’ve read any of my other articles, then you know the drill. If you haven’t read any of them, then the title pretty much says it all. We’re going to discuss some of the managerial techniques that will help you receive a wildly enthusiastic round of applause from your employees on the day of your retirement. Every…

Internal promotion popular among hiring managers, Snagajob survey finds

If you plan on applying for a new job, you better hope you aren’t going up against someone already working there. According to an online survey from Snagajob, the largest hourly employment marketplace for job seekers and employers, 80 percent of companies surveyed have a policy to review current staff for open positions before considering

Sports Backers: Snagajob recognized as Outstanding Company of the Year

Snagajob was recognized at the first-annual Active RVA Fitness Awards Luncheon, presented by Health Diagnostic Laboratory, Inc., as the ‘2013 Outstanding Company of the Year’ for the variety of innovative fitness and wellness programs that are available to their employees – including an on-site fitness center and locker rooms, indoor bike racks and company bikes


What being on the ‘Great Place to Work’ list does for you

Snagajob was recently named one of the best companies to work for in America on the Great Place to Work® annual ranking published by FORTUNE magazine. We experienced significant growth in 2012, so we moved up to the medium category this year and we’re proud to say that we ranked 12th on the list of…


Each week during the company meeting our CEO Shawn randomly calls on someone to recite Snagajob’s mission statement. But this week the pressure was really on, since the Governor of Virginia, Bob McDonnell, visited to congratulate Snagajob on being named the best small business to work for in America. After Adam Packett (one of our…


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