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Fast Food Restaurant Employee

How your QSR brand factors into your recruiting efforts

Sometimes the recruiting process can seem a lot like navigating through the dating scene. To succeed in both, making a great first impression can give you a better chance of finding the match you’re looking for. While someone might describe their hobbies and interests to intrigue their date, a hiring manager for a quick-service restaurant…


Hire Minds highlights: State of the hourly worker

 2013 Hire Minds summit is the only event held annually that specifically addresses the general practices and challenges of hiring for the hourly workplace. Leaders from different parts of the hourly industry, including restaurants and retail, come together to share and explore the best practices for maximizing the potential of hourly workers and those who…

man asleep on desk

Hiring hundreds doesn’t have to be exhausting

It stands to reason: the bigger your business, the more employees you will need to hire to meet customer demand and keep your business profitable (and growing). Some may think that the bigger you are and the more recognizable (and safe) your brand, the easier it is for you to hire. Yes, brand recognition is…

crowded mall

Hire Black Friday style

You either love it or you hate it. Some people wait all year for the every man for himself, take no prisoners pandemonium that is Black Friday. Others avoid it like the plague and sit safely at home waiting for Cyber Monday. In all the hype leading up to Black Friday, shopping professionals were full…

Speak Easy: Tap Into Job Seeker Parlance

Balancing your customer brand against job seeker expectations is one of the toughest challenges facing HR departments, whether it’s a team of one or hundreds. You may sell kitchen appliances, but you don’t want your employee manual reading like instructions for a toaster oven. And although you might work for a home improvement retail chain,…


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