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Man vs. Machine: The Jeopardy Hiring Metaphor

As I write this blog, I’m two-thirds through watching “Jeopardy!’s” IBM Challenge, a three-night battle between storied past champs Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter, and $7-billion IBM supercomputer Watson. And for the first two nights, technology has trumped – make that trounced – the human touch. Fifteen years after chess champ Gary Kasparov short-circuited Deep…

Your Hourly Hiring Wish List

My SnagAJob.com co-workers and I spend a lot of time talking to employers. We email, call, IM,  Skype, chat live at the Hire Minds Hourly Hiring summit, and recently we collected your feedback in a newsletter survey. I think one of you may even still have a pager. What’s this mean? We know your hopes,…

5 Ways to Hire Workers Faster

All hiring managers have war stories about the perfect employee who  got away. Instead of calling that “once-in-a-million” applicant, maybe you were shoveling your snow-covered walkway, covering for an employee who called in sick, or you were home sick with the cold you got from shoveling the walkway. But now it’s too late. And that…

10 Signs You’re Hiring the Wrong People

Applicant tracking systems are super smart. So are SPHR-certified hiring professionals. Whether you have both or neither, you need to mix in a little common sense into your screening and hiring processes. Sometimes, things (and people) sneak through the cracks. After all, there are babies out there with their own credit cards and dogs with mortgages….


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