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Hotel Desk

Hotel managers will love you for this

We all have our stories about hotel stays gone wrong. Broken TVs, stuck thermostats, painfully slow room service, some stranger’s balled up sock under the bed, militaristic lifeguards (my latest story), etc. And what do we do? We complain to the manager on duty. Hotel guests never meet or even see most of the people…


Hiring in the aftermath of the hotel bed wars

Westin started a so-called “Bed War” that changed the face of the hotel industry. Ever since Westin introduced the Heavenly Bed in 1999 (which, interestingly, wasn’t driven by customer demand for luxury hotel bedding but rather was the byproduct of the hotel giant’s craving for attention), a luxurious bed is now an integral part of…


Franchise businesses seem to be taking over the world.  Certainly I’ve wondered how to get in on some of that cha-ching.  If you’ve done the same, read on!  Though, if you’d like the benefit of a locally flavored backstory and some how-to basics, you might want to go back and read the first in this…


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