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Integrate to save – but not skimp – on screening

Conducting a thorough background check is a critical step in the hiring process for all businesses. According to a Harris Interactive survey, one in three people think that there is no way for an employer to verify most things on a resume, and three in 10 think it would be okay to misrepresent themselves on…

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Hiring hundreds doesn’t have to be exhausting

It stands to reason: the bigger your business, the more employees you will need to hire to meet customer demand and keep your business profitable (and growing). Some may think that the bigger you are and the more recognizable (and safe) your brand, the easier it is for you to hire. Yes, brand recognition is…

Top 2011 Industries: Where Your Workers May Be Applying

You may have taken it for granted, but there was one big benefit the recession wrapped up and placed under the water cooler: employee loyalty. When no one was hiring, no one was applying for new jobs. And you didn’t have to worry about your superstar hourly workers flying the coop to the chicken joint…


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