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Democrat vs. Republican on white

Donkey or elephant? The answer could impact hourly hiring

It’s election year. And unless you’ve been vacationing in the Arctic, you’ve already heard a lot of talk about unemployment and the approach each candidate has to get more Americans working. Jobs and the economy aren’t new topics of debate, but unemployment is higher than it has been going into any election since World War…


This election year you’ll win

Sound bites that peg political gridlock and indecision for what’s stifling employment in America are wildly off the mark, according to the findings of the Workforce Planning Survey commissioned by outsourcing provider Yoh. Only 9 percent of executives surveyed in December 2011 from larger U.S. companies – companies with revenues greater than $750 million and…


How to please the crowd with your facilities management services

The companies that keep things hopping and the conditions pleasant for stadiums, office buildings, healthcare institutions, school cafeterias, and the wide variety of other places where large groups of people gather have one thing in common: a huge need for an effective hourly hiring process. About half (and in some cases more) of the total…


Because not everyone’s cut out for a child car job

There’s more to build up than an immunity to colds when you work at a child care facility.  Building up a tolerance for noise, commotion and fatigue that comes with overseeing the learning activities, playtime and safety of a group of young children is not an easy thing to do. And neither is finding people…

time-management-clock [800x600]

Part timers can offer a full range of benefits

We’re back with the second part of our four-part series on the top categories – or personalities – of hourly job seekers. Last month we kicked off our four-part series by taking a closer look at retirees and sharing what we know about Snagajob members ages 55+. This month we’re looking closely at hourly job seekers who…


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