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Hire Minds highlights: where does technology fit in hiring?

The  2013 Hire Minds summit is the only event held annually that specifically addresses the general practices and challenges of hiring for the hourly workplace. Leaders from different parts of the hourly industry, including restaurants and retail, come together to share and explore the best practices for maximizing the potential of hourly workers and those who employ…

Man Filling out Tax Form

Myth busters #3: Paperless Edition

This is the fourth in a series of blog posts helping employers learn more about hiring online and what it can do for them. Read the previous post here.  Myth – managing important forms online isn’t reliable Any employer knows that government paperwork is nothing to mess around with.  Mistakes on legal forms can lead…


Veterans bring a lot to the table

The Washington Post published an article last month highlighting how many war veterans are becoming franchise owners when their tour of duty is over. The article argues that the rule-based system in the franchise world is attractive to veterans and mimics the rule-based systems they were accustomed to in the military. The article points out…

boiling water

Bring hiring to a boil with tax credits

At Snagajob, we strive to do everything “212” – an analogy derived from the fact that at 211 degrees water is just hot, but it boils when it reaches 212 (that one extra degree). By working that much harder, we help more of our members find the right positions and our employers build a more…


Recently we spoke with a franchisee who collected on tax benefits last year that were legislated by the Hiring Incentives to Restore Employment (HIRE) Act, which encouraged employers to hire certain previously unemployed workers (“qualified employees”). But he mined from only one of the two tax-credit mother lodes entrenched within it. The gap between what…


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