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You’ve got mail: encouraging job seekers to follow up

In our most recent survey, we asked roughly 300 hourly hiring managers about their interviewing and hiring practices. They divulged why they’re hiring, how they handle walk-in applicants and the types of questions they tend to ask in interviews. We also asked employers what is the best way for applicants to follow up after submitting…

Hotel Desk

Hotel managers will love you for this

We all have our stories about hotel stays gone wrong. Broken TVs, stuck thermostats, painfully slow room service, some stranger’s balled up sock under the bed, militaristic lifeguards (my latest story), etc. And what do we do? We complain to the manager on duty. Hotel guests never meet or even see most of the people…


Part II: How your restaurant can keep its great employees

Restaurant businesses across the country, quick-service and otherwise, are getting on board with Snagajob daily. Often we hear them say they’d really like to be able to hire people away from [insert name of restaurant with a reputation for having great employees here]. If your restaurant has hiring envy, and you want to be able…


Training made easy

You’d be hard pressed to find an employer who thinks training is pointless. In fact, you can probably list five compelling reasons that training is crucial to your business in 30 seconds. Let’s try. It increases employee productivity. It helps reduce mistakes, accidents and injuries on the job. It keeps employees engaged by encouraging career…

Sysdine Redefined:The Evolution of Talent Management

Last year SnagAJob acquired Sysdine, a talent management system (TMS) focused on hourly industries, because we wanted to provide a more holistic suite of hourly hiring products and services. Since then, we’ve talked with everyone from Fortune 500 executives to small business owners to find out how we could upgrade and enhance our TMS to…


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